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Inbjudan att bo utanför Ödeshög

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Här är ett budskap från Karin Langhard, en inbjudan:

I live on my small farm in the forest, outside Ödeshög in Östergötland (between Gränna and Vadstena, near the lake Vättern).

I make a living doing pottery. I grow a bit, collect some plants in the wild. I play some music, meditate sometimes. I work on co-counseling.

I want there to be a community here, inspired by Manitonquat.

Right now I live here with my partner, my daughter, her father who lives here barely half the time, and a man who rents a cottage. Some sheep, chickens, ducks and cats also live here.

There are two small cottages on wheels that you can live in year round, which I rent out. It is also possible to build something of your own.

You are welcome.

Karin Langhard

Visjö Skogslund
599 91 Ödeshög
073-778 31 45

langharkarin [snabel-a]